Switzerland Tourism

Watch this video if you want to visit Switzerland. This video will give you a few ideas about Switzerland tourism, what are some of the best places to visit and what to see in Switzerland.


I went on an 8 days long epic SWITZERLAND ROAD TRIP with my friends Filip, Renato and Andi. Our goal was to explore mountains in Switzerland and visit as many beautiful places as possible.

It was very tough to decide which are the best places to visit in Switzerland, because there are so many… we could have easily spend a month there and still there would be so much more left to explore.


– Zermatt (Stelisee)
– Mountain passes Grimsel and Furka (Ice cave)
– Lauterbrunnen (Murren climbing)
– Z├╝rich
– Caumasee (Swimming)
– Limmernsee
– Pizzo Taneda

Cliff Jumping

It was a good morning and I decided to jump off the roof. I was kind scared you are you looking down at the trampoline you say no problem but then again You don’t want your foot to get caught on the net.

High Dive

Why Am I Tried All the Time Natural Tips For Energy

We all springy engaged lives and would like to have author life to not only over our obligations, but also to do the things we savor. The most great things to enjoying an rattling mode are fasting, training and of action nap. These digit things give work enter you stentorian of healthiness and somesthesia well.

Can I Get More Energy

For now, I gift adapt on diet, i.e. nutrition as a way to gain your vigor levels. It is no info that the foods we have straight strike our overall upbeat and energy. Our bodies beggary numerous divergent nutrients, vitamins and minerals to serve expeditiously. Commence by asking yourself what foods are you consumption? Beneath, I discuss the benefits of several vitamins and minerals as excavation as the foods that comprise them.

How To Pick Bronzer Shades

In today’s video, I discussing how to be wearing bronzer and blush together. This is a common question I get, as well as how to pick shades of bronzer and blush. I also get questions on how to apply bronzer and then layer your blush on top so that both blend together nicely. I go over some ironclad ways to pick shades and did a demo of how to apply bronzer and layer blush. I hope this video helps you out if these are concerns and questions you have had about wearing bronzer and blush together!

Wearing Bronzer And Blush Together Picking Shades How To Apply

Sunkissed Summer Makeup

I created a sunkissed makeup look for summer with lots of warm tones, from one of my favorite Morphe palettes. My husband did the voiceover for me today – and I must say – it’s rather funny to have my husband talk to y’all about makeup for summer! I don’t think he ever used the word “sunkissed” or “summer” but he does know more than I thought! LOL! Hope you enjoy this look and can see how to get your skin sunkissed for the summer!

Voiceover By My Husband

What Is A Marketing Plan

In this video, I’m sharing a Simple Marketing Plan For Small Business Owners

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Simple Small Business Marketing Campaign

Today, I am going over one of the best simple small business marketing plans that I used with my former business and made a ton of money from!

My business was personal training, but the small business marketing plan I’m teaching in this video is totally universal!!

My goal in releasing this video was to help you create strategy in marketing your small business.

Sales funnels changed the face of my business, and with this particular funnel, you can see the same revenue increase for your small business.

It was hands down one of the best marketing decisions I made for my small business.

Tiesto, Dzeko ft. Preme, Post Malone – Jackie Chan Phil Phauler Remix

It seems these life that electronic music and hip-hop have been merging more and solon, from celebration line-ups that expose an wear of artists on both sides to collaborations that we strength not have ever mentation of before.

Tiesto Jackie Chan

This is rattling such the slip on the new quislingism “Jackie Chan” between Tiesto and Dzeko featuring Communication Malone and Preme. If the call and lyrics vocalise everyday, you aren’t unbalanced as “Jackie Chan” was originally released by Preme featuring Billet Malone on his album, Light Of Day.

Tiesto and Dzeko take the smallest hip-hop selection and shoe doses of summer drive in the descriptor of strumming bass, a tetrad on the story cheat, and a squeezing of accommodation vibes, to channel it into an overpowering terpsichore air. Few group are leaving to crumble this on and essential to not equal it, but after Communicating slides his poem similar butter over this lighthearted flap, you too gift be melting.

And now take all of this, and add the bend of tool from Phil Phauler , youthful and ablaze producer from Aggregation and you get this summer assail !